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ChangeAnalytics™ — a comprehensive cloud-based tool designed to simplify change management work by making it easier to gather, manage, measure, and visualize change across your organization.


Change Capability Assessment

For the last 10 years, executives have been asking how their organizations’ can become more “Change Resilient” or in other words, how can their organization adapt faster to change.  As we know, the pace and volume of change are increasing – how can we make change the “New Normal”?  

71 & Change has responded to that question and developed a proprietary framework which provides a holistic approach to building change capability throughout an organization. There is no prescriptive path, but rather a “right path” for each organization based on their culture and current change maturity.  We look forward to working with you to help you identify the best path forward for you to build change muscle – and make sure it sticks!


71 & Change Takes Flight

- Erin Bernard,

"The founders of 71 & Change aim to shake up the staid professional services business model."

- Kim Moore,

Change Management strategy grounded in:



Proven methodologies +
custom software.


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Seasoned practitioners who greet the day thinking about change.


Making complicated ideas
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