Alla Kaplan

Manager • Owner

Alla brings 15 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies to the 71 & Change team. As a leader in learning and organizational performance improvement, Alla’s expertise includes planning, consulting, designing, and executing global talent and organizational development initiatives. Alla has an MBA degree with a focus in International Business.


Allison Abell

Manager • Owner

Allison is energized by partnering with clients to create solutions that build high performing teams while delivering strategic business results. She leverages broad industry experience that spans financial services, sportswear, logistics, government, healthcare, education, and non-profits to quickly discern client needs and create customized solutions.


Bassam Tarazi


Bassam's life has been dedicated to the human experience. He has written, taught,  and spoken on accountability, productivity, customer experience, copywriting, adventure, and organizational management. He has an insatiable appetite to solve problems, and have fun while doing it. Bassam is an author, story teller, and avid traveler.


Bronson Shafer

Solution Architect • Owner

Bronson is an accomplished technical solution  architect and  project manager.  His passion is helping  his clients work together to solve their most  challenging  issues. He  has experience in both functional  and technical development which enables  him  to effectively bridge  the communications  gap between  business and IT.


Carlie Jones


Carlie is a results-oriented professional with over 10 years of combined experience in management, organizational leadership, and operations. In collaboration with team members, Carlie strives to create impactful solutions in support of the organization’s mission. She believes in the simplicity of life and work and focuses on developing meaningful and long-lasting relationships.  She thrives with a high level of professionalism, integrity, and work ethic in performing multiple functions on the Operations team.


Diya Khothule

Manager • Owner

Diya is an experienced leader with extensive experience in Project and Program Management, Change Management and Lean process management. She has an impressive track record in the development and implementation of large scale strategic initiatives with direct impact on profitable growth. She continually demonstrates success in leading cross-functional teams in complex matrix environments. 


Erin Snodgrass


Prior to stepping into an Operations role, Erin worked as a Program Manager leading cross-functional teams within both packaged and custom software deployments for multi-national corporations.  She is passionate about building long-lasting client relationships and fosters a high energy approach to collaborative problem solving.  From living abroad to taking new risks, Erin embraces change in both the work place and her personal life.  In her free time, you can find her in the mountains - skiing, hiking or camping - and spending time with her three kids.


Erin Riseborough

Consultant • Owner

Erin is a skilled program and change manager who’s known for her high-energy style and commitment to delivering excellent outcomes. She has a talent for asking provocative questions and facilitating productive conversations. Her commitment to understanding her clients and their business need allows her to craft thorough transition plans and effective communications.

Irene Lee

Consultant • Owner

Irene has developed change management strategies and plans for high-risk initiatives and is passionate about organizational readiness and transformative process redesign. Irene is known for her ability to strategically determine key changes within an organization, build change readiness materials, and manage organizational capabilities to achieve business results.


Jillian Thayer


With over 10 years of business experience, Jillian has served organizations across multiple industries. Throughout her career and studies, Jillian has demonstrated the ability to drive sustainable results, build trust and relationships quickly,encourage open and direct discussion and lead teams during times of uncertainty and significant change.


Jim Buscaglio


Jim is a seasoned consultant with a focus on helping clients successfully navigate large-scale organizational design and transformation challenges. Over the past 15 years, his thoughtful problem solving has helped large multinational firms, governmental agencies, and small businesses transform how they work and achieve results through an unwavering customer-centric focus through process improvement. As an even-paced leader, analytical thinker, and strong collaborator, Jim seeks creative applications of change management methodology to maximize the benefits of any initiative.


Jon Mittmann


Jon is a versatile leader with over 20 plus years of business and technology experience working with global brands and rapid-growth start ups across multiple industries, businesses functions, roles, and geographies. He is a tireless advocate for customers and employees with a deep empathy for everyday challenges.  He is a servant leader who strives to provided clarity of purpose while cultivating an environment where people can push beyond their comfort zones. Jon has notable experience in strategic development and execution, business transformation, customer experience, and change management. 


Katie Whitbeck


Katie is a transition management leader known for driving transformations using a collaborative approach in a variety of industries. Katie enjoys partnering  with leaders within an organization to gain alignment and design change plans that support impacted teams.


Kelsey Letcher


Kelsey is energized by delivering results and developing creative solutions with her clients. She has experience in large-scale program management, process development and improvement, and acquisition planning & execution across several industries and multinational companies.  Known for her logical, objective approach and ability to build program infrastructure, Kelsey brings enthusiasm to change and program management.


Lindsey Runge


Lindsey is an experienced coordinator, applied researcher, community outreach volunteer, systems analyst, and detail-oriented professional. She has experience as a consulting professional implementing organizational change and creating global communications, and as an Administrative Assistant and Computer Lab Assistant. Lindsey spent six  years studying human behavior, social interactions, and utilizing applied statistical analysis, demonstrating a broad range of skills.


Mindy Au


Mindy has nearly 15 years of experience in taking on organizational and social challenges. She brings her curiosity and focus on results into developing change solutions through human-centered design and the creative engagement of stakeholders. She has worked in both international and domestic settings across public and private sectors.


Scott Hartley


Scott is passionate about integrating positive, lasting impact and bringing people and organizations together to effect positive, creative, and lasting change. He enjoys maximizing teams and developing relationships both within and outside organizations to create innovative partnerships.


Teresa Peltier


Teresa combines simple, usable solutions with elegant design to bring clarity to complex problems and help change initiatives stick. With a wide variety of discipline and industry experience, a grounding in project management and a "little engine that could" attitude, she feels comfortable facilitating a workshop one day and spending hours on Illustrator the next.

Tess Meinert.jpg

Tess Meinert


Tess is energized by delivering results and developing creative solutions with her client. She has experience in project management, training, communications, data collection/analysis and branding across several industries. Tess partners with leaders and individual contributors within an organization to build trust,  gain alignment, and design change plans that support and empower impacted teams.


Tessa Rowe


Tessa uses her background of communications and marketing to develop effective change management solutions that resonate with people, and stick within an organization. She is a natural born leader who has a desire to cultivate relationships, create enthusiasm, and work with people. Tessa strives under pressure and maintains a confident and calm demeanor while focusing on the big picture. She is detailed oriented and has a knack for adapting communication styles to fit the person, group or organization. 


Timo Parra


Timo is an experienced project and change management professional. His approach to “listen first then act” has allowed him to tailor change programs at Fortune 500 companies that improved their business performance substantially and sustainably. He brings in a diverse viewpoints, having lived and worked in Germany, Spain and the US. Timo is an integrator who likes to get things done –together.


Tom Baker


Tom is a results-oriented leader with experience as a Project Manager, Innovation Lead, and Change Agent. He possess a comprehensive background in continuous improvement and organizational development derived from directing high-profile domestic and foreign operations. He has experience and proven results leading both small and large groups in dynamic, fast paced environments across many competitive industries.