Visualize, Communicate and Standardize
Change with ChangeAnalytics™

Informed by thousands of hours designing, implementing and supporting change initiatives, ChangeAnalytics™ understands the complicated situations change practitioners face. It’s designed to drive conversations, hasten the time of decision-making, destroy duplicative busy work, and facilitate informed decisions. It will make your work simpler and more effective.

We promise.

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With ChangeAnalytics™  you can:

  • Easily gather, manage, and visualize change management across every project throughout your entire enterprise with one cloud-based tool.
  • Use your methodology, taxonomy, and change practice consistently throughout your organization.
  • Present your leaders with a compelling visual picture of change in your organization without spending hours formatting data.
  • Have the power of a researched, tried, and tested methodology and best practices built right into the system – or use your own.

Leverage People Data.

Easily upload people data directly from your existing HR system. Create stakeholder groups, track individuals, follow every change activity (leader alignment, communications, engagement, training, etc), and capture readiness metrics — all in one system. Replaces multiple spreadsheets, and ends the need to re-create and manage duplicate data.


Connect Project Data.

Upload project data, or enter new projects directly into the system. Because ChangeAnalytics leverages common attributes across stakeholders, you can quickly visualize activities, impacts, and risk to common stakeholder groups across a portfolio of projects — and across your entire organization.


Apply Change Analytics.

Build an activity plan that includes all of your change activities, such as a communications plan and a training plan — rolled into one. Better yet, link those activities to metrics to determine the effectiveness and readiness at any given time, so you can provide leaders with real time readiness data. ChangeAnalytics’ proven algorithms determine change risk and impact to your stakeholders.


Visualize your Change Portfolio.

Because ChangeAnalytics connects your people, project, and change data across your portfolio, you can visualize your entire change world easily and quickly. Eliminate conflicting priorities, mitigate surprises to your stakeholders, and ultimately increase the likelihood of success. You can integrate projects, prioritize and re-sequence key activities, remove silos between projects, and ensure change objectives are aligned to broader organizational goals.


Increase Change Effectiveness.

Ensure a consistent change methodology by providing one way of managing change across your entire organization. Default to 71 & Change’s proven methodology, or customize to the one you’ve already chosen, to decrease the learning curve for new change practitioners and increase your ability to successfully implement complex change programs. ChangeAnalytics ensures all projects share the same methodology – no matter how many consultants, firms, and practitioners you employ.