The science, art and heart of change management.

Gone are the days that companies decide to make a change, spend weeks mapping a plan and then execute said plan over 12-24 months.

We are flooded with the opportunities and demands of global supply chains, rapidly changing workforce demographics and ever-nuanced consumer expectations. Change is happening, scheduled or not. 71 & Change is a consultancy with a sole passion and focus on the discipline – science, art and heart – of change management. Ours is a unique blend of change thought leadership, user design principles, graphic art capabilities, and data visualization techniques, making change real and sustainable.

71 & Change helps make sense of it – articulating and adapting to the change climate clients face now and helping them prepare for what’s coming.

Our work makes the inevitable healthier, more transparent, more human and humane. See how our work with a health care provider, financial service provider and  sneaker-maker exemplifies how healthy teams go further together.