Center of Excellence Change Support:

Client Business Need:

In order to maximize the speed of adoption and minimize productivity loss in the business, this international sportswear company needed to develop its organizational readiness (Change Management - CM) capabilities and enhance competency and capacity for change at a portfolio level across the organization. Specifically, they needed a partner to:

  • Evolve the Global Change Management Office (CMO) strategies, principles, methodology, framework and tool development in order to drive both capacity across the organization and continuous improvement for the CMO.
  • Drive integration and alignment of Change Management methodology and tools across the broader organization and within the Business.
  • Facilitate the capture, use and dissemination of internal and external learnings and best practices for the evolution of the CMO.
  • Help develop metrics and scorecards for priority portfolios, programs and projects to ensure success of business solutions and value realization.        

71 & Change Solution:

We know that to understand the challenges and culture of an organization and provide solutions that stick, full integration with the in-house team is critical. For this project, in particular, we needed a client-side expert to serve as a trusted, valued partner and CMO team member and together we:

  • Developed a comprehensive, scalable CM Toolkit with methods, tools, timing, sequencing and outcomes for projects/programs.
  • Provided CM consulting services to key portfolio practioners & business leads on developing and executing CM strategies and plans, tracking/mitigating cross-program stakeholder impact, and measuring adoption and benefits.
  • Delivered CM training on a monthly basis to project managers and transition managers to continue to build change capability across the organization.
  • Contributed to the development of a playbook that spotlighted key project, and change management activities to ensure success.
  • Shared best practices across portfolios at monthly CM Network meetings.


  • Comprehensive CM toolkit developed that can scale to support projects of any size
  • Continued CM education and support for key business leaders across the organization
  • Consistent methods and tools shared and used across the broader corporate footprint
  • Side-by-side coaching for key initiatives, giving Portfolio change management resources crucial learnings on how to manage cross-program impacts
  • Increased focus on tying adoption metrics to the business case and measuring metrics post-implementation